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Equipment Planning


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Examples of equipment planning

The staff of DrKoernerConsult are highly qualified and have national and international experience in technical and vocational education and training, particularly in planning equipment and qualifying personnel of teaching and training institutions:

Equipment planning and procurement

  • Boarding School Schloss Hansenberg, Geisenheim

    Hansenberg 1-3

    Hansenberg 4-6

  • Otto-v.-Guericke-University, Faculty for Computer Sciences, Magdeburg

    Magdeburg 1

  • University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Anhalt - FH), in Dessau

    Dessau 1-3

    Dessau 4-5 Dessau 6

  • University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Harz - FH), in Wernigerode and Halberstadt

    Halberstadt 1-2 Wernigerode 1

    Wernigerode 2-4

  • Several sheltered workshops in Weckelweiler near Kirchberg/Jagst

    Weckelweiler 1

    Weckelweiler 2

  • Trade Training Institute ZEG of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts in Koblenz (on-going)

    Koblenz 1

    Koblenz 2

Equipment planning and preparation of procurement

  • 2 training workshops for CNC engineering in Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • 12 several Regional Training Centres and Polytechnic State Colleges in the Philippines
  • 13 several Technical Training Institutes and Industrial Secondary Schools in Syria
  • 4 several Training Centres (IVET-schools) in Lao P.D.R.
  • 10 several Technical Training Institutes and Faculties of Universities in Vietnam

Consulting in preparation of the installation of new equipment

  • Several Secondary Schools and Training Institutes in Algeria

Completion of equipment planning and procurement

  • Trade Training Institutes BTZ Ludwigshafen of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Palatinate

    Ludwigshafen 1

  • Trade Training Institutes BTZ Kaiserslautern of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts Palatinate

    Kaiserslautern 1-3

    Kaiserslautern 4-6

  • Training Workshop of Industry Trier (modernisation)
  • Educational Centre of the Cloppenburg county craft guild
  • Communal Training Workshop Westerwald in Altenkirchen

    Altenkirchen 1-2