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Equipment Planning


Member of
Services offered in planning the equipment

Services offered in planning the equipment:

  • Room datasheets and operating descriptions
  • Functional concepts
  • Assistance or complete compilation of invitation to tender and award procedures
  • Support by the delivery and invoice audits

Further advisory services:

  • Structural layout of laboratories, rooms, workshops, offices, etc.
  • Optimum location/type of media supply and media disposal
  • Type and quantity of equipment
  • Arrangement (layout) of the equipment

Our activities:

  • Preparing a plan for studies for equipment and specifications and defining quantities in accordance with programs in the field of technical education and vocational training
  • Conducting technical studies for preparing lists of equipment and technical specifications of training units and training equipment, hand tools, computer labs, teaching aids, training and office equipment and consumables to ensure supplying complete set of equipment and accessories
  • Preparing estimated costs of equipment for each of the specialised areas
  • Preparing Tender Ready Documentation including all necessary terms and conditions and complete bills of quantities grouped into appropriate bidding packages
  • Preparing a detailed action plan for all the activities and phases of implementation.

If required, the regional partners can be trained to assume individual tasks in planning the equipment.

Experience in the appraisal of equipment for trade training institutes is the foundation of the consultant activities for the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training in Germany.