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Training Personnel


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Examples of training personnel

Vietnam and Laos

  • Development (including programming) and introduction of web-based pedagogical in-service-training for trainers program (blended learning approach) in Vietnam and Lao P.D.R.


  • Development of a seminar for an in-company trainers training (ICTT) in Lao P.D.R.


  • Conduct a seminar on advanced planning methods for teachers in vocational education In Iran (Bam)
  • Preparation and implementation of a seminar for multipliers and coaching in Iran


  • Preparation and implementation of two pedagogical seminars for multipliers in Iraq

    Iraq 1-2

    Iraq 3-4

    Iraq 5-8


  • Preparation and implementation of a special seminar for training of in-company-trainers and coaching in Lebanon

    Lebanon 1-4


  • Preparation and implementation of a blended learning program for trainers and adaption of specific contents in Pakistan; training of 100 e-Tutors in Pakistan.

    Pakistan 1-3

    Pakistan 4-5

    Pakistan 6-7

    Pakistan 8-10

    Pakistan 11-13

  • For the exchange of opinions and experience the tutors created a newsgroup with yahoo in the category "distance learning".

    Pakistan Forum 1-4

  • Training of Trainers within the “Germany Pakistan Training Initiative (GPATI)” in Karachi, where nine German companies and two Pakistan TVET institutes (AMANTECH and iACT) pilot an adapted model of the dual training system.

    Pakistan 14-17

  • Training of company trainers and instructors within the “Germany Pakistan Training Initiative (GPATI)” in Punjab and Sindh provinces, where national and international companies and TVET institutes introduce an adapted model of the dual training system.

    Pakistan 17-21

  • As part of the "cooperative vocational training" (CVT) within the TVET reform program, trainers from private and public training providers (companies and institutions) were continuously trained in pedagogy in Karachi and in Lahore.
    During five (5) training sections participants gain basic pedagogical competencies of teachers/trainers for the theoretical and practical vocational training.

    Pakistan 22-25